Of art: fictional stories

Hi people,

So, today’s post, which comes after several days of not posting, is a different one.  It is the first of a sequel that will play out as time goes by. I hope you will enjoy the twists and turns of the story. Feel free to leave feedback after you’re through reading. Enjoy.

‘The Alejandro of She’

She walked to and fro looking confused. She wished there was something she could do about everything. She had not always been like this. She had not even believed that anyone could ever be like this. To her, life had always held quite the deep allure, the promise of a better future, until she met him.

He sat there, looking all handsome and masculine. He was not tending to a white horse like the perfect men she saw in Soap Operas. He was not even a rich business man like those she read in books she adored like ’50 shades of grey’. He was just a young freshman in campus.

Not just any young man lest you think she was ‘vain’. He was dark. His complexion was just how she had envisioned her knight in shining armor. He had an athletic build, not so much that it was exaggerated, but just enough to make her stomach flutter.

Most of all, he had dreadlocks. Well-kempt ‘madredi’ as she put it. ‘Surely, this must be it’ she thought. She had to remind herself not to stare. It is rude, whether you are staring at the complete package named Mr. Right or your friend with their sweater worn inside out, it is still rude.

She got a hold of herself and for that moment, remembered to be self-conscious. She straightened her hair and licked her lips. Of all days, she wondered why today, she did not look her best. Not that she ever wore anything out of her ordinary t-shirts, but hey, that could be nice too.

She did not always think she was pretty. Sometimes, she wished she had higher cheekbones and lesser black spots on her face. On really good days, she woke up, looked at her mirror and thought she was the most beautiful creature to grace the earth. Unfortunately, today was not the day.

She only hoped that he would set his eyes on her, and see her how she saw him. The epitome of perfection. On a nudge by her newly acquired roommate, she got out of her reverie. She had been standing, lost in thought for thirty seconds. She was disappointed it had not been longer.

Kavindu, her new friend who seemed ever to be bursting with life pointed out a place for them to sit. They had just picked the food from the campus mess. It was the second day of the first week in school. They picked their forks and forged to the table she chose.

Heaven must have been smiling at her. Kavindu chose the very spot next to her prince charming. She was all too happy to oblige. This must have been fate. They were destined to be. Or so she thought. Little did she know that in that moment, she took a wrong turn…

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