What all this is about


Myra! Myra!

I tried not to answer. I did, believe me, but he kept calling.

Myra! My love!!!

And then I could no longer ignore him.

Whenever he speaks, words pour out like a river and every time he uses ‘th’ words, his tongue glides beautifully over his perfect teeth and emits an adorable bit of air. See, he has this sweet voice that seems to emphasize the MY in MYra and makes me go like oh MY!! And boy has he mastered his words!! He talks, and in that moment, if you ask me, language was created so that boys can woo women.

He whispered MY name, I wanted to be his. He cajoled me. My knees were jelly. I was hooked. Procrastination came dressed in blue jeans and loafers and handed me the best ring. He promised me nations and I could not say no.

Anyway, after we argued over toothpaste during the honeymoon, we broke up, and I turned to my laptop. So here I am today.

You remember A story about nothing?  Now I want to write another one that is about nothing. Just in case you’re wondering ‘kwani this chic doesn’t have ideas?’ I can hear you judging! Stop it.

There was this time, a cat was judging me because I could not share my piece of chicken, that story was not pretty. First of all, it was a cat!!! I will not even start on that! But see, the thing is, when you have survived a very traumatizing experience of chicken theft, you learn to treasure those things. You don’t just eat them anymore; you lavish them with all your love.

You serve them in your best plate, your prayer for that day changes, then you begin by attacking the ugali first. What is Ugali even doing in the presence of royalty? Then you throw away the sukuma. (Seriously don’t pressure me to call that eating) And then that long-awaited moment comes. You seat yourself comfortably, you adjust your posture and then you launch. You close your eyes as you consider the assault the meat launches on your senses.

And then that a cat judges you? C’mon, even you know I have a point. Long story short, that cat didn’t live to see it’s 3rd birthday (That’s 150th birthday in cat years). A moment of silence for the poor cat.

Usually, I don’t write about myself a lot, at least not directly. I prefer to hide behind a character and let them feel my feelings and portray them as their personality allows. But you know, today is different. Kinda.

A short while ago, I went to this camp where you meet all the gurus of writing and they make you feel bad because you know they write so well, and then they encourage you that you will get there. I mean, ‘the only way to write well is to keep writing’. Yep, that is a quote from one of them. And then they tell you that they are also learning.

It’s DCKenya. If you are one of those guys that saw it trending of twitter and you had no idea what it was, it’s okay, we are not judging you, this is a safe place. There is another one next year by the way. Oh, and while at it, this article paid my expenses – Tumetoka analogue, tuko digital

So, while there, these guys were asking all sorts of serious questions, oh, what do you write about? Oh, what is your target audience? Et al.. Now, as you might be able to guess, I did not know how to answer them. I mean, when I started to write, I wanted to write about art.

I am fascinated by dance and captivated by the ability of an actor to take a completely different personality and bring it out as an extension of self. Music soothes my nerves and they all cause me to be restless, with words nagging me, wanting to be written.

But, I found that when I started to put my words down, I would write fiction or your experiences.

See, the good thing with being asked those hard questions is that they cause you to think. So I sat and thank (past tense of think). What did I come up with? Nothing. Na-da.

No, that is not really accurate, I came up with more questions.

And so, after many days of battling those questions, I am convinced that I will not find those answers as soon as I had hoped. Then I had to wonder, will I stop writing just because I haven’t yet gotten it all figured out? As you may guess, the answer was no. After all, the only way to write well is to keep writing.

So, y’all that are asking what I write about, I don’t really know. Life, Art, Whatever…

I suppose as I continue to write, I will see a pattern and then I will get a light bulb moment. And then you will idolize me. When you mention Einstein, eyes will be opened with expectation as people wait for the next logical name ‘Myra’ . HEHE… okay, so a girl can dream.

Meanwhile, I continue to write. This wordy affair will not end today. And you, you continue to read… right? And together, we figure this thing out! See you on Thursday at 6:00 am and as usual, I got a whole load of stories lined up for you!


7 thoughts on “What all this is about

  1. wow such nice piece of writing Myra..I like the thinking..continue with the same spirit, you never know about your tomorrow 😉


    1. Lol!!!! Cynthia.. This is one (kind?) of stalking that I do not mind at all.. Soma hadi uchoke, it is a pleasure. Just remember to drop some criticisms as well so that I don’t get puffed up. 😀
      You know am grateful that you read, but am going to say it still.
      Thank you for stopping by.


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