Let’s meet in Narnia


I see reading as a metaphor for friendship. Wait, wait and hear me out on this. Because I have the attention span of a fruit fly, I like pictures, I like twitter. Reading, I thought was not for me, with its depth and quietness, and its place in the hands of those anxious to get the best out of language in their serious expressions and impeccable grammar. Dull as they are, I had resigned myself to movies, largely because, I can always pause and come back to them later. But then, I tried reading a book, make that a good book, and then I realized that the secret about reading is that, with the right book, you never want to let go.

All this time, I thought that avid readers had an IQ greater than I could count, even with 140 fingers. That they had scaled their way up the intellectual food chain, and created a rift so vast that mere mortals like myself could never cross. That they are too busy with philosophies to be concerned about seemingly trivial matters like interest and emotion. But when I stumbled upon ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ by C. S. Lewis, I had a change of mind, and a change of heart. Rather than the intellectual titans I branded them to be, I discovered that readers are an interesting group of adventurers, and I love adventure! The thing about good books is that someone with the attention span of a fruit fly can enjoy them! Like friendship, reading is sometimes underrated.

‘Chronicles of Narnia’ by C.S Lewis is almost always my favorite book(s). You know how people always want to ask what your favorite book (or hymn, or movie) is and so many have been relevant to you, you can hardly pick one, but then for the sake of conversation, you pick the one that comes on top of your head first? Yes, many times for me, that book has been this one (Maybe I should say ‘these ones’).

I have read other books and enjoyed them. Fallen in love with them even, but never before has a book resonated with my beliefs (which by the way are being constantly informed by the Bible) without trying too hard, than this book(s).  So that I stop putting the ‘s’ in brackets, let me say, (in case you have not heard of this book(s) before:-D) that the ‘Chronicles of Narnia is a series of 7 fantasy books that you should not lack in your library, either online or otherwise. It is considered a classic of children’s literature, but don’t let this stop you, even if you are past half a century.

Now this was supposed to be my first book review, and I thought, what better way to start this than by reviewing my all time favorite children’s book. One which as a matter of fact, I am planning to re-read before the end of this December. You do not want to be this friend of mine:

Me: (Trying to explain Chronicles of Narnia to a friend) It’s like Lord of the Rings, The talking donkey and Garfield all at once, but so much better!

Friend: No kidding!

Me: Yeah, it has a story you don’t want to let go, talking animals, and a preposterously beautiful beast.

Friend: Aiiii, heri Vampire Diaries.


So, grab your own copy (copies?), and let us compare notes sometime as we watch the movies just so that we can criticize them for how much they left out. 😀


4 thoughts on “Let’s meet in Narnia

    1. That is an excellent one. But then again, all of them are.
      First line of the book always gets me ‘There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.’, especially when I remember the author was called Clive Staples Lewis. Brave, ain’t it? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes all the books are excellent I don’t think I have come across any author who writes so well like C.S.Lewis. But for me the Horse and the Boy takes the trophy so far.
        Hahaha…true quite brave only him can get away with that.


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