Waiting for love

Sometimes words seduce me and I want to write spoken word poetry. I decided to make this a thing -Poetry Tuesday, so that I can practice and receive your feedback that has been consistent since I started this blog. Hopefully by next year, I will be consistent enough. Meanwhile, I will post it here, as I wait for that time when I master enough courage to speak it outside my room in front of an audience. I hope you enjoy this piece.


Waiting for love

I knew what love felt like, when I was thirteen

It was warm and always wore a smile

It wore the same school uniform as I did, but it felt like it was dressed in itself – loving

It was dark

Not the kind of dark that you will get lost in and be afraid,

But the kind of dark that will engulf you in endless wonder

It was bliss

It felt lost in time

I mean, of course time flew, but I could hardly hear the flap of its wings, I could hardly hear the wisp of air as it passed me by, I just realized that it was suddenly night and the school matron wanted us to switch off the lights and sleep

Just before I closed my eyes I could hear the clock mock me ‘tick-tock, tick-tock’

But I knew, I knew that when I closed my eyes I would feel it

Held in short moments of mixed emotion

Cut short by time when I had to wake up, but I was not complaining because love, in my sleep and in my wake, was there.

Short, dark and steady.

Smart, stark and ready.

And then time, lost its patience and caught up with me and love, love left.


I read somewhere that if you repeat something enough times it loses its meaning

For example, love, love, love, love, love, love… see? Nothing

Or when you just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, one day you will forget why

The beautiful sunrise becomes just 6 a.m

The dance becomes only a routine

The love song gets lost in obscurities

The little girl lost in time waits for love to show up again

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