Pep-talk 101


As I sail the Internet
I see the many failed ships
Some were set a-row and abandoned
Some captured by pirates and all their goods stolen
Some may just have given in to the pressures of the sea
And allowed themselves to be broken by the waves
Still failed ships they are
Evidence of a journey once started
But whose end will never be seen
Shadows of what might have been
Mockeries of what was
Laughing at me
Daring mine to join the row
To become one of them
Failed ships

They will never get to their end
Meet the purpose that set them to sail
They will never row the minds
Of the crew that set their hope in them
They remain another clutter in the silt that makes the shore
Another bunch of words by people who started to speak
But were not bold enough to finish their sentences
Not consistent enough to watch their baby grow
Not patient enough to feed them
Failed ships

I will not join them. I refuse.

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