Christmas is here again! Enjoy it. Or not.

Merry Christmas!

I was hoping that this year would slide away effortlessly and quietly into the next and I would not post anything here because, well, I can. But a scroll down my timeline and a walk in the streets reminds me that I really cannot. I am no monster! So yeah, I may have quit WhatsApp but I know to expect a text or two wishing me a merry Xmas, whatever that is. And tell you what, I may even respond.

But just in case I do not, please take this as my official wish for all of you who drop by here. May you enjoy what the season brings! See you next year, if God wills!

PS. Can we not this time buy the ‘This is your year’ hogwash some of our religious leaders feed us with, if not for anything else at least because we know it to have been a lie. I mean, last year was your year, 2014 was your year, as was 2013. How many years do you want for yourself exactly? And to think you have all those years and still won’t spare 2 seconds to text ‘Merry Christmas’ in full! What exactly do you do with your time?

Sincerely yours (ha, who are we kidding! But just roll with it!),

Girl who is grateful for your support.


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