Thank you and goodbye – for now!

Thank you and goobye!

I have been writing and rewriting this post for days. No words seem to be able to capture the feeling that comes with. But as do all good things, the end for Scenesanaa as we know it has come. *Sigh!* For now at least.

Think about it this way; roughly 2 years ago, we had a baby. She got off to a good start, weighing 3kg from birth. In fact, we feared that she was obese. We watched her navigate childhood, pampers and all that comes with. We heard her when she uttered her first word. We were proud when she took her first steps and couldn’t stop annoying our friends with tales of her genius. And even when she had slow days, days when food was distasteful, we were still there to hold her hand.

We called her Scenesanaa, our baby. There are those who asked us why we would name the daughter of our motherland such a bizarre name. On our most patient days, we explained. When we couldn’t, we wrote a post about it so that we could refer people. We have truly proved the Kamba proverb ‘Vai isyitwa yitaea mwana(Roughly translates to – There is no name that cannot bring up a child). 

Even now, when our baby has grown, there are those who cannot pronounce her name.

She has been a source of joy, sadness, anxiety and even some money. 🙂 But most importantly, she has enabled us to connect. We have been able to dig into our memories and experiences to re-live stories that have impacted our lives. Remember that time we bonded over her first steps? Or that other time we shared the experience of our neighbours? What about when we were entertained by an unknown woman? The visiting friends we had?

But our baby has grown. She is now embarrassed at our shows of affection. She no longer thinks it’s cute to call her ‘darling’ in public. She doesn’t cherish the memories of her that we do. She longs to start her own life, to make up her own mind about things. Sometimes, we fear that she is smarter than us. So now, we must let her be. We must give her the space that she so diligently seeks.


That is what is happening with this blog. For a while now, it has felt like it lost direction. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the adventure of writing whatever comes to mind. But I feel that time demands more of me.

Which is why I thought it a good idea to take a sabbatical. A 6-month break from blogging here. And hopefully, when we come back next year God willing, we will be better for it.

So I am writing this post to say thank you. Thank you, Kevin. Thank you, Haggai. Thank you, Cynthia. Thank you, Dorcas. Thank you, Winlet. Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Jesse.

The list is too long to name all of you that have been a pillar to the scribblings of this blog. I do not even know some of you by name! And yet, your support has not been any less valuable. I know you came here for different things and I hope that you found what you were looking for.

As I take this sabbatical, I will be concentrating on running a business. Yes, it’s a writing business! And no, I will not stop writing just because I do not post here.

So what am I asking of you? Stick around. 🙂 Or at least, do not forget to remember this blog. Yet.

To help with that, I will be posting on the Facebook Page every once in a while. In case you have not liked it and would like to, follow this link.

Meanwhile, tour the web, read other amazing content or play Candy Crush -whatever rocks your boat. Till we meet again dear friends!

12 thoughts on “Thank you and goodbye – for now!

  1. And this good bye article is written really well. The kind you read and be like “I’ll be checking this blog more regularly.”..then you remember it’s a good bye


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