From Then to Now. A Fresh Start. A New Direction.

Time Waits For No Man!

Imagine you are walking down the street minding your own business, and then you pass out. The next time you wake up there is an unattractive person breathing over you. Now imagine you ask where you are and five years of your life have already gone by.  That’s the past six months for me.

One minute I was here, posting how I was taking a six-month break, the next minute guys wish me a happy new year. I mean, what happened? I had six months!

Anyway, I have used that time constructively, and I am ready to get this thing going.

But first, I once thought that writing was all about natural instinct. Humans born of paper and bleeding ink. They didn’t even have to think; they just sat, and talent kicked in, so they went on to produce their masterpiece on the first try.  But I’ve realized through working with writers and reading many more books that I can see the training.

I can see traces of instruction in every word they craft and only a pinch of inspiration. I can see sleepless nights, and no, it is not because they were chasing the muse. Ask me, I write for a living, and there are days I wake up and dream myself a musician or a pilot or even a tailor.

Still, that is why I’m back to scenesanaa. I’m back because this is my training ground. This is my school and my home at the same time. When I come here in the morning to study, and the teachers beat me up, I go back here to vent and to take a rest because what is a paradox?

Let me tell you a short story:-

The first time I went on a date after campus, I was sitting across the guy at a posh hotel in Nairobi. I’m talking wet towels, a pinch of lemons and all types of cheeses that were ever invented. Half the time, I was staring at him, and he was pretending he did not notice. I doubt I even said an intelligent word the whole meal.

Later that evening, we are seated at KNT waiting for a play to start. My hands were sweating as usual, but hey, no one needed to know that. What I did not realize was that I had signed up for the worst evening date ever. You see if I had known that, I would not have left the house in the first place. Who walks into doom knowingly?

Anyway, we are seated at KNT, a skimpily dressed girl is addressing us, lights have dimmed I want to concentrate, but I cannot stop smiling because I can’t believe that this guy is interested in me. Me!

I don’t remember how long into the play, the dude leans in and asks me if we could step out. Naturally, I agree. Once outside, he proposes to walk me to the stage.

‘But the play is not over!’

‘I know. It’s disappointing anyway. I only came because my cousin was in it.’

(Cue in shattered glasses)

‘Besides, I was hoping to talk her out of this acting craze. A career in the arts is a waste of time,’ he finishes.

Don’t get me started on the conversation that followed after that.

His attitude is not unique

The weird thing is that he is not the only person who thinks that a career in the arts is a waste of time.

Just look at parents who are constantly shoving their children into courses they have no interest in for the ‘security’ of the careers.

Better yet, find out how many people would much rather do menial work than try their hand in the arts. You will be surprised.

Yet, there comes a time in a persons life when they must decide and for most, that time is on campus. Mine is now, fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you choose to look at it. And my choice? – arts. I will write until I can write. Deal with it.

Enter scenesanaa…

This blog started with the idea of reporting things about art, hence the name. At the time, I had just left campus and was not just undecided but I was also unconnected.I didn’t know anyone or anything.

Fast track to today, two years later, after a six-month break, I feel equipped enough to make a choice and to stand by it.

So this is the direction this blog will take:

Poetry – Mine and other people’s… Yes, soon, we’ll start accepting submissions.

Stories – Mine but you can guest post, just write me an email, if I like your idea, we get going…( Experiences, Fiction, and Flash fiction)

News – About the art scene in Kenya. If you want to know about events taking place, where to get tickets and so forth, this will be the place to come. (You can take your date for that play and not blame your cousin if you mess it up.)

Event reviews – The ones that are attended will be reviewed here…

There comes a time…

Expectedly, scenesanaa will take a different form. It will become something else that is different from what it is.

Now, my desire is that we will continue with all of you but I know I cannot expect that. So, if you feel that this is no longer the place for you, I am so grateful that you were here. Your presence has kept us warm. May you find another home somewhere.

Those who chose to remain, thank you. I hope you will be satisfied and a little entertained.You can expect to see many changes here in the days to come.

(By the way, new logo, did you notice?)

The hope is to have a different looking site before the end of March, and one that has fully morphed.

How can you be of help?
  1. You can drop your comments on what you expect to see or what you would love to see here.
  2. You can ask for a clarification if anything was not clear.
  3. You can follow me here, on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Let’s help spread the word and kindly, bear with the changes as they happen. I will be working overtime to make sure we transit smoothly. Otherwise, thank you so much and a happy new year to you! Also, we are back, we are better, we are here to stay! 😀

One last thing before I go, our first event review for the year will be Too Early For Birds. Read more about it here, buy a ticket for the coming show if you like and let’s do this!


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