Sex is a Currency

They told me that sex is a currency

You do not give it up until they put a ring on it.

They erected a pedestal and crowned it with virginity

Every guy wants to marry a virgin, they said

They cemented it with fear because pregnancy is the worst thing that could happen to you

So when I hit

  1. I went outside and cried myself a river

Carry me home, because this is me, losing direction

Straying from everything I was taught

And it did not even feel good!

  1. Maybe. May be this is it.

Happily, ever. After. Noon.

Day he left.

  1. I left
  2. This is love. Words are broken, they cannot begin to cover everything we are

Worlds are broken, this happiness transcends time

Works are broken, I did not need to earn his love

I am broken why can I not stay?

  1. I can’t stop crying.

I’ve been walking in a straight line but I am still at the same point

Maybe it’s time to admit that it was a circle all along

And circle is a funny word,

It rhymes with cycle and I had missed mine


This is a self-fulfilling prophecy


Who hurt you?

Circle back to the top…

  1. They told me that sex is a currency

Do not give it up until they put a ring on it

But they did not tell me what to do when that choice was not mine to make

Where were you?

Where were you when he stripped my dignity with every clothe he took off

And took off

Where were you?

When this is the song I knew for months

When it played in the quiet and plays still as I sit quiet

They told me

Every man wants to marry a virgin

Who will marry me?

So when you pray for me to get a husband

Pray for yourself

Because you are the problem

And I blame you!


Dear parent,

I know you mean well, but when you try to bring up your child by lying to them, consider the burden you heap on them. That damage could be so bad it shadows the lesson.


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