Seated on the seats opposite the Kenya archives, at a spot directly opposite Chicken inn, one Sunday afternoon I observed people; dark people, light people, tall, overdressed women in their Sunday garb, Nairobi ladies in these chiffon tops that have refused to go out of fashion, men in shiny suits and others in casual jeans,… Continue reading EDWIN


Limited by imagination rather than experience, Experiencing life only within your limits, Pleasure a thing you do not think you deserve, Deserving nothing but to please everyone… On and on you tread the shores of life, With your broken oars at hand, Wanting nothing but your deserved pence, Getting nothing on any merits, Life is… Continue reading CIRU

Such is life

I had decided that I would do a balcony post. You know, sit (or stand) at our balcony during the day and take in the dust while I think of something to write about because let’s face it my life of late has been a little boring. A little short of adventure. Okay, maybe a… Continue reading Such is life