Unlearn. Just one simple word. A heavy word.

Easier said than done you say, and I couldn’t agree more. This one little word is Atlas carrying the world on his shoulder.

Unlearning has been in my every day these days. It’s been the recurrent feature in this chapter of my life. You can imagine how hard that’s been; if you can’t, allow me to illustrate…read more…


We seemed to be one, for so we moved. Slowly dragging our feet, looking aimless and uninspired. A stink of stale sweat hung around us, for many of us hadn’t showered that day- or even the previous day. How could we when the battle of battles was waiting for us in the afternoon? So, many of us spent bathroom time preparing for war…read more…


We have heard the narrative.

That Africa is a backward continent black as the people who covers its soils

That if the world was a house then Africa would be the attic... read more…