Unemployed? Here are some things that you should know

  • …Develop a schedule. Do not just be content with sleeping for long hours, lazy-ing around, watching movies and waiting for the job to show up. Learn to be disciplined.
  • Manage your finances. While it is easy to decide to wait until you are earning x figures to do this, you need to realize that the habits that you cultivate now, you are more than likely to carry with you even after you land your dream job…

Turning Twenty-Five

  1. “‘No’ is a complete sentence that does not need an explanation – Facebook user (whose username I don’t remember, and I can’t find him on my timeline anymore)
  2. It is okay not to have everything figured out, but it is not okay to fail to try on this basis.
  3. Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. – C.S Lewis

Christmas is here again! Enjoy it. Or not.

I was hoping that this year would slide away effortlessly and quietly into the next and I would not post anything here because, well, I can. But a scroll down my timeline and a walk along the streets reminds me that I really cannot. I am no monster! So yeah, I may have quit WhatsApp but I know to expect a text or two wishing me a merry Xmas, whatever that is. And tell you what, I may even respond…


…It is past midnight and I am seated here thinking about this young man, and many other young men like him and unlike him. I wonder what happened of him, what twist life brought his way that caused our paths to cross as they did. Somehow I hope more of us were like him. Heck I even wish I was like him…

A journey to Hope: Who said Ol-Donyo Sabuk isn’t in the map?

…I would stay there with my hairy husband. My mountain man. Every morning, before anything else, we would comb his beard and measure its length. Our ceremonial dose of vanity. Then, my mountain man would go to do what mountain men do. He would comment about my arms before leaving. He loves them. They can harvest sugarcane and milk our two cows. He would not mind how hairy they are. My now bruised arms…

TBC 95

…O that I may seek my all in Christ…


TBC 95 is staring. It is as if he wants to know if I am prepared for tomorrow. I stare back. It is rude to stare. Even for chairs.



Such is life

…But now, now in the balcony, I wonder where he is. Where the threads of his destiny have woven him into the tapestry of life. I wonder about the dreadlock-ed guy and his white car. I wonder about our watchman. I wonder about life. One day I will be away from here. I probably will not remember them and they me. Because such, such is life…

Knowing the future (Part 1)

Last week, I watched my niece look for her doll. She opened one drawer and moved around a few things. Where in the world is it? Nothing. She asked me, I told her to search some more because inanimate objects do not grow legs and walk away. ‘But the doll is gone’ she insisted. She decided to forget it after searching for about fifteen seconds.

But then it dawned on me…

From Rongai with angst

…I am writing to you, the young man who looks on to the lady you walked to the stage being thus manhandled with indifference because they are just a girl you were with in a meeting, and you have no responsibility to her. I am writing to the woman or young lady who sneers at the lady that won’t let her dignity be stripped away. I am writing to the people without an opinion on this, And if I am being honest, I am writing to touts out there…

Acting, work and rambling

I have sat across people who are convinced that they want to quit their jobs because they do not feel passionate about them as they expected. I have been those people. I have sat across others who only work because they need the money. I have also been those people. Others, who I am yet to sit across, but hear of their existence, are only driven by passion, all the time. These people are a rare commodity…

End of year reflections

…It was like a big malicious roller-coaster, a dose that does not serve my emotional elasticity all too well. 2015 was a big bully; the big bully that seemed invincible but suddenly vanishes to pave way for the real bully 2016 who steps in town and towers over him rendering him obsolete.  Hi there 2016, can we be friends? *as I struggle to conjure up a puppy eyes expression, with the black eye on top of my black eye…

My Christmas meal

…I remain loyal to the good old ugali-sukuma meal (Maize meal served with kales) with its tried and tested formula of thwarted hope and dreadful disappointment. The perfectly made ugali-sukuma remains the supreme home food experience, but getting the recipe right remains an oh so elusive attempt!…

The woman I want to be

…She is because she is no more

She is not playing the background

Gone is her old self, replaced by another

She does not live, but He lives in her

Her focus is not earthly but eternal

I know she sounds alien

But that is only because she is…

My journal entry

‘shuka na jam’ says the conductor. I do so absent-mindedly and walk home. I am too much in a hurry to tell this story. I cannot wait to get to my laptop. Only when I am about to start typing does it hit me. In the past hour or so, I thought nothing of God. So much for daily meditation! So much for having heard the last sermon on the series of meditation just this morning! It is a rude awakening…

Theater and Christianity: To take up the script or not?

…Ultimately, the decision to take up theater is not an easy one and must be prayerfully considered. Involve people you know and can trust, preferably those older than you. Ask for advice and consider it all before making your choice prayerfully.

The art of Choreography: where do I start?

Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression. ~Isaac Bashevis Singer

Over the last few days I have found myself stuck, trying to put together choreography for the remix I surrender – Dillon Chase.